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  • New Publication: Ezzo, M. and Hinz, B. (2023): Novel approaches to target fibroblast mechanotransduction in fibroproliferative diseases. Pharmacology & Therapeutics 250:108528

  • New Publication: Chen, Z., Ezzo, M., Zondag, B., Rakhshani, F., Ma, Y., Morozova, S., Hinz, B., and Kumacheva, E. (2023): Intrafibrillar crosslinking enables decoupling of mechanical properties and structure of a composite fibrous hydrogel. Advanced Materials: e2305964

  • New Publication: Chan, B., Glogauer, M., Wang, Y., Wrana, J., Chan, K., Beier, F., Bali, S., Hinz, B., Parreno, J., Ashraf, S., Kandel, R. (2023): Adseverin regulates the articular chondrocyte phenotype and cartilage homeostasis. Science Advances 9(31): eadf1130

  • Congratulations Dr. Xinying Guo for a successful PhD defense and promotion to post-doc in the Hinz lab!
    Congrats to Raquel Benitez for being selected for an oral presentation at the 10th Annual Conference of the Skin Research Group of Canada (SRGC 2023). 

  • Congratulations to Maya Ezzo for publishing her first 1st author publication in the journal Pharmacology & Therapeutics (impact factor IF 13.4) and another 2nd author publication in Advanced Materials (IF 29.4).

  • Congrats to the lab for another contribution to a paper published by the Kandell lab in Science Advances (IF 14.98).

  • Congratulations (finally) to Kyle Lam for receiving the SGS conference grant to cover the cost of the GRC conference.

  • New Publication: Agren, M.S., Hinz, B., Kalogeropoulos, K., Overall, C.M., Smola, H., and S. Werner. (2023). Ulrich auf dem Keller (1974-2023). Wound Repair Regeneration (e-pub ahead of print)

  • In memoriam: We got catastrophic news this month that one of our dearest colleagues, Ulrich auf dem Keller, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Who knew Ulrich can imagine the loss for our field and we cannot even imagine what his loss means for his family. If you want to know more about Ulrich and his achievements, please look into the obituary article published n Wound Repair and Regeneration. 

  • Welcome to Xinying Guo who joins us for a post-doc project - once she has obtained her ‘doc’. Xinying will soon defend her PhD with Dr. Warren Lee here at Unity Health in November. 

  • Farewell Hinz lab babies Amy Lee, Kelly Choi, Nicole Berezyuk, and Katrin Spindler. May the force be with you!

  • Welcome Franka Raible from Germany to the LTRR and congratulations on receiving the Mitacs undergraduate scholarship!

  • Congratulations to Maya Ezzo for receiving another year of OGS funding. Hopefully not needed for the full 3 sessions.

  • So many presentations this quarter. Everyone with mature enough projects presented at the Research Trainee Centre at St. Mike's, the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and seminar (GRS) on Tissue Repair and Regeneration, and the Canadian Connective Tissue Conference (CCTC).

  • Our “Hero of Work” is Maya Ezzo for driving hundreds of kilometers, climbing the black tree track, driving again and then giving a talk at 8 pm at the GRC. Mental and physical collapse well deserved!

  • Congratulations to Fereshteh Younesi and Maya Ezzo for receiving the Harron Travel Award from the Faculty of Dentistry. This will cover their cost of travel for the GRC.

  • Congrats to Kyle Lam for receiving the SGS travel award; this may cover his cost of travel for the GRC.

  • The CAMiLoD summer school was a great success. Thank you to all those who helped organize and run the program.

  • Congrats to Michael Diao on winning the CCTC best oral presentation.

  • Congratulations to Raquel Benitez on winning a poster prize and the social media contest at the CCTC.

  • Congratulations to Thomas Kirk on winning a poster prize at the CCTC.

  • Welcome Thomas Kirk! Tom is visiting us for 6 weeks from the UK to use our soft and stiff substrates for his PhD work.

  • A delayed welcome to Elham Karimizadeh! After waiting one year, Elham has finally received her visa and will join the lab in late June.

  • Margeaux Hodgson-Garms will join our lab meeting on Monday 26th of June. Margeaux has just finished her PhD with Jess Frith at Monash University. They are interested in MSCs and fate determination driven by extracellular environment and tensional cues. Margeaux is in transit to join the lab of Phil Stephens in Cardiff as a post-doc.

  • Anastasiya Martyts will be giving a talk for JC on June 29th. She is in her last year PhD student at the ETH Zürich and Boris will be her external examiner in December.

  • The CAMiLoD summer school will take place June 11th – 13th 2023.

  • The LTRR logo got a makeover! Thank you, Raquel, for the new design - this is the one on our web-page.

  • Congratulations to Michael Li Diao for his abstract being selected for an oral presentation at the SMH Research Day.

  • Congratulations to Michael Li Diao, Fereshteh Younesi, Maya Ezzo, and Kelly Choi for their abstracts being selected for oral presentations at the CCTC 2023.

  • Congratulations to Maya Ezzo, and Kyle Lam for their abstracts being selected for oral presentations at the Gordon Research Seminar 2023.

  • Congratulations to Fereshteh Younesi for her co-authorship on Abdel’s paper just accepted by the PNAS.

  • Safe travels to the UK, Fereshteh Younesi, and best of luck on your exchange project. Fereshteh will join the lab of Emanuel Rognoni on a Fellowship provided by the Canadian Stem Cell Network and the Medical Research Council, UK (Thanks!).

  • Together with David Lagares and Carine Boustani, Boris organized the Keystone Symposium on Fibrosis Pathogenesis and Resolution: From Mechanisms to Therapies, March 19-24, 2023, Banff, Canada. What a great turnout: More than 500 attendees and so many great speakers and talks. 

  • Thanks to Maya Ezzo and Fereshteh Younesi for representing our lab so well at the Keystone Symposium.

  • Fereshteh had her first talk at a plenary session in front of >200 eager listeners.

  • Farewell and safe travels back to Germany Alica Stegmaier. It has been a pleasure having you in the lab. Check your bags to be sure you don’t take any “fun guys” with you…

  • Welcome to Katrin Spindler who will join us in March from the University Reutlingen through the same program that Alica attended. When in March – only the Visa office will know.

  • Congratulations Nicole Berezyuk on winning 3rd place for her poster at the Faculty of Dentistry Research Day. You made the lab proud!

  • Thank you to all who helped mix new magic potion and roll the jugs around. Great team bonding!

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo for having been selected to give a talk at the Gordon Research Seminar on Tissue Repair and Regeneration in June.

  • And congrats again to Maya Ezzo for another co-author published in Acta Biomaterialia with the group of Dr. Bozec!

  • Congrats to Fereshteh Younesi for winning a travel fellowship from the Keystone Conference Organization to attend the Keystone Conference in Banff on “Fibrosis Pathogenesis and Resolution”.

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo for her successful application to be the “Media Liaison” for the same Keystone Conference. Also comes with a travel fellowship.

  • Maya attended every single session to write a meeting report for the Keystone Association on behalf of the organizers (left).

  • New Publication: Vaez, M., M. Asgari, L. Hirvonen, G. Bakir, E. Khattignavong, M. Ezzo, S. Aguayo, C.M. Schuh, K. Gough, and L. Bozec. 2023. Modulation of the biophysical and biochemical properties of collagen by glycation for tissue engineering applications. Acta Biomater. 155:182-198.

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