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  • Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2022!

  • New Publication: Soliman, H., Theret, M., Scott, W., Hill, L., Underhill, T. M., Hinz, B., and Rossi, F. (2021). Multipotent stromal cells: One name, multiple identities. Cell Stem Cell.

  • Welcome back Fereshteh Younesi from your research visit with the Barker Lab at the  University of Virginia.

  • Congrats to Fereshteh Younesi for successfully passing her Qualifying Exam! Independence is now bestowed on both Hinz lab PhD students.

  • Congratulations to Jun Wang for having been invited to present a poster the 26th Hinman Student Research Symposium, Memphis, TN on behalf of the Faculty of Dentistry - Undergrad Power!

  • Congratulations to Maya Ezzo for being selected to present a talk at the Young Investigator Award Session of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Annual Meeting and winning the first prize for best presentation.

  • Congratulations to Fereshteh Younesi for being selected to present a talk at the Young Investigator Award Session of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Annual Meeting and winning the third prize for best presentation.

  • New Publication: Janmey, P., Hinz, B., and McCulloch, C.M. (2021): Physics and physiology of cell spreading in 2 and 3 dimensions. Physiology.

  • New Publication: Redha, O., Mazinanian, M., Nguyen, S., Son, D., Lodyga, M., Hinz, B., Odlyha, M., McDonald, A., and Bozec, L. (2021): Impact of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening on dental cell viability. Scientific Reports.

  • New Publication: Noskovicova, N., Hinz, B., and Pakshir, P. (2021): Implant fibrosis and the underappreciated role of myofibroblasts in the foreign body reaction. Cells.

  • New Publication: Bernasconi, R., Thriene, K., Romero-Fernández, E., Gretzmeier, C., Kühl, T., Maler, M., Nauroy, P., Rühl-Muth, A.-C., Stumpe, M, Kiritsi, D., Martin, S.F., Hinz, B., Bruckner-Tuderman, L., Dengjel, J., and Nyström, A. (2021): Renin-angiotensin system agonism for treatment of injury- and inflammation-induced fibrosis. EMBO Molecular Medicine.

LTRR on Toronto Island

  • Here are the big news: Boris has accepted a new position at the Keenan Research Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health starting September 1. He is the Keenan Chair in Fibrosis Research but you can keep calling him Boris. Click here to see the interview featuring his start at Unity Health.

  • Sadly, to accept the Keenan Chair, Boris had to decline the just granted Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Tissue Repair an Regeneration. Life's about choices, people. 

  • Boris will keep an appointment with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto as Director of the imaging facility CAMiLoD.

  • Thanks Donna for organizing a smooth and great lab day out on Toronto Island! First physical lab encounter during the pandemic - all vaccinated.

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo for successfully passing her PhD Qualifying Exam! Go, Fereshteh, go!

  • Farewell and congratulations to Ronen Schuster who was leaving us in August to start a new position as Senior Immunologist at CytoReason in Israel. We wish you the best of luck and you will be missed dearly.

  • Farewell Raquel Benitez – your time in Toronto was short but hopefully sweet. Rumors say you might be coming back with a PhD in your pocket. Best of luck on your PhD defense, we are all rooting for you.

  • Congratulations to Maya Ezzo for obtaining yet another year of funding support through an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

  • Congrats to Pardis Pakshir and Nina Noskovicova of team ‘Implant’ for their review in Cells on –wait for it– implants and the problems they cause.

  • And congrats to Donna Son and Monika Lodyga for their co-authorship on a paper in Scientific Reports on how bad whitener is for your teeth (Who would have thought?). Check out Faculty of Dentistry news and University of Toronto news for this study led by the Bozec lab.

  • Congratulations to alumni Hinz lab visiting scientists Tobias Kühl (now project manager at University Hospital Essen, Centre for clinical trials) and Boris for their contribution to a study published in EMBO Mol Med.

  • Farewell to our summer students Aleksandra MacirutaNatalie Andonian, and Jun Wang. Thanks a lot for your contributions to HinzLab research endeavors. It was a pleasure having you all for the summer and we wish you all the best of luck in your future studies.

  • See the WRR Fireside Chat series, with Boris talking about the myofibroblast special issue and Ian Dixon (U Manitoba) on ‘myofibs’ in the heart.

  • Check out this special issue on fibrosis and mechano-signaling in Cells: Cells | Special Issue : Biomechanical Signaling and Fibrosis (

  • New Publication: Schuster, R., Rockel, J., Kapoor, M., and Hinz, B. (2021): The inflammatory speech of fibroblasts. Immunological Reviews.

  • New Publication: Hinz, B. (2021): Myofibroblasts: 50 years and aging well. In: Wound healing, fibrosis and the myofibroblast: a historical perspective. Ed: M. Coen, G. Gabbiani and F. Zampieri, Elsevier Inc. (Book Chapter).

  • New Publication: Desmoulière, A. and Hinz, B. (2021): The myofibroblast and Giulio Gabbiani: an inseparable couple celebrates their 50 years golden wedding anniversary (editorial). Wound Repair and Regeneration 29(4):511-514.

  • New Publication: Sawant, M., Hinz, B., Schönborn, K., Zeinert, I., Eckes, B., Krieg, T., Schuster, R. (2021): A Story of Fibers and Stress: Matrix-Embedded Signals for Fibroblast Activation in the Skin. Wound Repair and Regeneration 29(4):515-530.

  • ¡Bienvenidas Raquel Benitez al laboratorio Hinz! Raquel visits from the lab of Mario Delgado at the Instituto de Parasitologia y Biomedicina "Lopez-Neyra" , CSIC Avda. Conocimiento in Granada and will perform a research project for 2-3 months with us.

  • Congratulations and farewell to Nina Noskovicova who has accepted a position at Maxwell Therapeutics Inc in beautiful BC. Best of luck with the new adventure!

  • Congrats to Nina Noskovicova, Ronen Schuster, and Maya Ezzo on the paper acceptance in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Now Nina can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Also check out the feature article in Nature Reviews Materials: Link.

  • Congrats to Ronen Schuster for a review article accepted by Immunological Reviews (IF 13.94).

  • Congratulations to LTRR honorary alumni Gertraud Eylert for two back-to-back publications in Stem Cell Res Therapies.

  • Welcome our summer students to the Hinz Lab, Aleksandra Maciruta (will work with Donna), Natalie Andonian (with Fereshteh), and Jun Wang (with Maya). Looking forward to having you with us.

  • Check this INTERVIEW with Boris on the Summer program of the Faculty of Dentistry.

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo for winning (co-) first prize for her poster presentation at the Toronto Biomedical Engineering Research Day (ToBe)

  • New Publication: Son, D.O., and Hinz, B. (2021). A Rodent Model of Hypertrophic Scarring: Splinting of Rat Wounds. “Myofibroblasts: Fundamentals, Laboratory Methods and Anti-fibrotic Drug Discovery”, Ed.: Boris Hinz and David Lagares, Springer Nature: Methods in Molecular Biology 2299:405-417.

  • New Publication: Younesi, F.*, Son, D.O.*, Firmino, J., and Hinz, B. (2021). Myofibroblast markers and detection methods in cell culture and histology. “Myofibroblasts: Fundamentals, Laboratory Methods and Anti-fibrotic Drug Discovery”, Ed.: Boris Hinz and David Lagares, Springer Nature: Methods in Molecular Biology 2299:17-47.

  • New Publication: Hinz, B. and Lagares, D. (2021). Animal Models of fibrosis. “Myofibroblasts: Fundamentals, Laboratory Methods and Anti-fibrotic Drug Discovery”, Ed.: Boris Hinz and David Lagares, Springer Nature: Methods in Molecular Biology 2299:277-290 

  • New Publication: Shah, H., Hacker, A., Langburt, D., Dewar, M., McFadden, M., Zhang, H., Kuzmanov, U., Zhou, Y.-Q., Hussain, B., Ehsan, F., Hinz, B., Gramolini, A.O., Heximer, S.P. (2021): Myocardial Infarction Induces Cardiac Fibroblast Transformation within Injured and Noninjured Regions of the Mouse Heart. Journal of Proteome Research 20(5): 2867-2881

  • Congratulations to the “Fibrosis Repair Team” under the lead of Drs. Christopher A. McCulloch and Boris Hinz (Faculty of Dentistry). This team application has been funded by the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence Round 10 with co-applicants Laurent Bozec (Dentistry), Andras Kapus (St. Michael’s Hospital), and Igor Jurisica (UHN). See also this NEWSFLASH .

  • Congrats to Nina Noskovicova for having been selected to present her work on February 11 at the e-symposium " Fibroblast Cell Phenotypic Changes in Development and Disease", organized by the American Society for Matrix Biology.

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo and Ziv Roth for being invited to present their work in 10- and 20-min talks, and to Nina Noskovicova and Fereshteh Younesi who will present e-posters, all virtually at the Faculty of Dentistry’s Research Day on February 9.

  • Farewell and congrats to Eric Chu who will be returning to student life at U of T Mississauga to work for a Master of Biotechnology.

  • CAMiLoD has a new toy! Access to the new STED super resolution microscope will open in April. Consider if your project needs ~50 nm resolution in fixed cells using 594 nm and 647 nm fluorophores.

  • Congrats to CAMiLoD for receiving Faculty of Dentistry Enrichment Endowment funding to purchase an automated histology slide stainer. Together with an automated tissue processer donated by oral pathology and the slide scanner, we will soon have a completely revamped histology service.

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