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 Happy Holidays and a productive and fulfilling New Year 2020 ‼!


  • New Publication: Geelhoed WJ, van der Bogt KEA, Rothuizen TC, Damanik FFR, Hamming JF, Mota CD,van Agen MS, de Boer HC, Restrepo MT, Hinz B*, Kislaya A, Poelma C, et al., and Rotmans JI. (2020) A novel method for engineering autologous non-thrombogenic in situ tissue-engineered blood vessels for arteriovenous grafting. Biomaterials. 229:119577.

  • New Publication: Lodyga M. Hinz B. (2020) TGF-β1 - A truly transforming growth factor in fibrosis and immunity Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology (in press)

  • New Publication: Salari, A., Appak-Baskoy, S., Ezzo, M., Hinz, B., Kolios, M.C., and Tsai, S.S.H. (2020): Dancing with the cells: acoustic microflows generated by oscillating cells. Small (IF 10.85).

  • New Publication: Cunningham, P., Meijer, P., Nazgiewicz, A., Anderson, S. Borthwick, L., Bagnall, J., Kitchen, G. Lodyga, M., Begley, N., Venkateswaran, R. Shah, R., Mercer, P., Durrington, H., Henderson, N. Piper-Hanley, K., Fisher, A., Chambers, R., Bechtold, D., Gibbs, J., Loudon, A., Rutter, M., Hinz, B., Ray, D., and Blaikley, J. (2019) The circadian clock protein REVERBα inhibits pulmonary fibrosis development. PNAS.

  • New Publication: Rattila, S., Dunk, C.E., Im, M., Grichenko, O., Zhou, Y., Cohen, M., Yanez-Mo, M., Blois, S., Yamada, K.M., Erez, O., Gomez-Lopez, N., Lye, S.J., Hinz, B., Romero, R., and Dveksler, G (2019) Interaction of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 1 with integrin α5β1 is a modulator of extravillous trophoblast functions. Cells.

  • Thanks to Thomas Barker (University of Virginia) who presented a seminar on ‘Cells and their Matrix: A Struggle for Power’ on November 18.

  • Congrats to alumni Michelle Im for her third position-authorship in a publication recently accepted in ‘Cells’ (every character matters).

  • Congrats and farewell Felix Schmidt from the University of Ulm, trying to excite fibroblast about urotensin ligand for two weeks.

  • Warmest congratulations to Jenny and Ronen Schuster on the arrival of their baby boy Ori on October 29th, wishing them all much happiness!

  • Congrats to Monika Lodyga and Boris Hinz for a review article accepted on TGF-β1 biology in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology – truly transforming, indeed. The figure, created with our new Biorender license, has been selected as cover page.

  • Congrats to Maya Ezzo who seized the opportunity to contribute to a manuscript just accepted by the journal ‘Small’ from Scott Tsai’s group at Ryerson. First publication with data produced by the CAMiLoD Atomic Force Microscope.

  • Congrats to Boris Hinz who has been recruited as Deputy Editor to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The JID is part of the Nature journals group and the leading journal in skin research with current impact factor 6.29.

  • Congratulations to Monika Lodyga and LTRR alumni John Blaikley for a study just accepted for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The work elucidates how day-night circadian rhythms affect cell susceptibility to fibrotic stimuli.

  • New Publication: Hinz, B. and Lagares, D. (2019): Evasion of Apoptosis: a Hallmark of Myofibroblasts in Fibrosis. Nature Reviews Rheumatology.

  • New Publication: Quesnel, K., Shi-wen, X., Liu, S., Peidl, A., Naskar, D., Hutchenreuther, J., Siqueira, W.L., O’Gorman, D., Hinz, B., Stratton, R.J., Leask, A. (2019): CCN1 expression by fibroblasts is required for bleomycin-induced skin fibrosis. Matrix Biology Plus.

  • New Publication: Yoon, N., Dadson, K., Dang, T., Chu, T., Noskovicova, N., Hinz, B., Raignault, A., Thorin, E., Jonkman,J., McKee, T., Grant, J., Peterson, J., Kelly, S., and Sweeney, G. (2019) Tracking adiponectin biodistribution via fluorescence molecular tomography indicates increased vascular permeability after streptozotocin-induced diabetes. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism.

  • Welcome to Fereshteh Younesi who comes with a shiny Master’s degree from The University of Göttingen with stints at the University clinics Heidelberg and the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research. Fereshteh investigated translational stress response control during acute cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury and will perform a PhD thesis on mechanically-induced cell memory.

  • Welcome to Maya Ezzo who returns to Canada with a fresh Master’s degree from the Hôpital Saint Louis and PARCC lnserm, Paris where she explored the roles of CD8+T cells and Granzyme B in mouse models of myocardial infarction and in vitro.Maya will perform a PhD thesis on mechanisms and consequences of macrophage-fibroblast interactions.

  • Welcome to Charlotte Geck from the University of Reutlingen who will be performing an undergraduate project on TGF-beta presentation by myeloid cells.

  • Farewell to Gilbert Pecoraro, the macrophage team will not be the same without you! We wish you all the best in your future studies.

  • Farewell to Kyu Kim who will leave the lab as full-time lab member by the end of August. Glad to keep you around for casually ‘doing the dishes’.

  • Farewell to Melanie Kiebalo and Jennifer Guo, thank-you for all your contributions to the lab throughout this summer, it was a pleasure to have you with us. Good luck for your future endeavors!

  • Congrats to Boris Hinz for receiving the Vincenzo Panagia Distinguished Lecture Award from the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Boris will give an honorary lecture at the 21st Naranjan Dhalla Cardiovascular Awards Day of the institute on October 18, 2019.

  • Congrats to Nina Noskovicova for winning the 2nd prize for best poster presentation at the 29th Meeting of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS), September 11-13, Munich, Germany, for her poster

  • Congrats to Ronen Schuster for receiving a competitive conference travel fellowship from the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) and the 1st prize for best oral presentation at the ETRS Young investigator pre-conference. 

  • Just a small impression of the 2019 Gordon Conference on Tissue Repair and Regeneration organized by Will Wood and Kimberly Mace. Amazing meeting as always. Check the first row where Boris is securing Paul Kubes as our keynote speaker for the CAMiLoD Grand opening on July 4th.

  • The book “Dupuytren Disease and Hyperproliferative Disorders”, summarizing results of the international conference in Miami 2010 and featuring a chapter by Boris and Giulio Gabbiani. This book also appeared and was remarkably successful as an e-book with more than 45.000 chapter downloads since its publication! It is among the top 25% most downloaded books in its category. Looking forward to see you at our next conference in 2020 in Oxford, UK

  • Well done honorary lab member Gertraud Eylert for successfully defending her Master thesis project: ‘Bio-Printing of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Skin Reconstruction After Burns’.

  • Farwell to Trong Shen, as he embarks on a new career in the world of finance, we wish you much success and will miss your expertise. Many thanks Trong, for all your contributions to the lab. You left an imprint.

  • Welcome and congratulations to Melanie Kiebalo and Jennifer Guo for receiving CIHR IMHA funding to perform Undergraduate Research projects in our lab from May to August.

  • Congratulations to Pardis Pakshir. Her publication in Nature Communications was recommended by the Faculty of 1000 (F1000).

  • Congratulations to Monika Lodyga and Henna Karvonen for their co- publication in Science Signaling also being recommended by the F1000.

  • And congrats to alumni Marielle Walraven for her review article in Matrix Biology receiving another F1000 recommendation.

  • Congrats to Nina Noskovicova for being on a roll winning presentation prizes at the 25th Canadian Connective Tissue Conference for the best oral presentation, at the Gallie Day, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto for an e-poster presentation and at the Translational Research Workshop of the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto for an oral presentation selection.

  • CAMiLoD opened the doors to the world with a grand opening full-day spectacle on July 4 in the Faculty of Dentistry. Great keynote speakers lead by Paul Kubes (University of Calgary), great talks, great food! Click here for a Dentistry news cover of the day and here for the U of T Newsflash. 

  • New Publication: Pakshir, P., Alizadehgiashi, M., Wong, B., Coelho, N.M., Chen, X., Gong, Z., Shenoy, V.B., McCulloch, C., and Hinz, B. (2019): Dynamic fibroblast contractions attract remote macrophages in fibrillar collagen matrix. Nature Communications

  • New Publication: Lodyga, M.*, Cambridge, E.* (*co-first author), Karvonen, H., Pakshir, P., Wu, B., Boo, S., Kiebalo, M., Kaarteenaho, R., Glogauer, M., Kapoor, M., Ask, K., and Hinz, B. (2019): Cadherin-11–mediated adhesion of macrophages to myofibroblasts establishes a profibrotic niche of active TGF-β. Science SignallingCheck the cover page and cover story by clicking here.

  • Also check the News releases issued by the Faculty of Dentistry and the University of Toronto

  • New Publication: Hinz, B., McCulloch, C.A., and Coelho, N.M. (2019): Mechanical regulation of myofibroblast phenoconversion and collagen contraction. Experimental Cell Research.

  • New Publication: Schleip, R., Gabbiani, G., Wilke, J., Naylor, I., Hinz B., Lehmann-Horn, F., Zorn, A, Jäger, H., Schreiner, S., and Klingler, W., (2019): Fascia is able to actively contract and thereby influence musculoskeletal dynamics: a histochemical and mechanographic investigation. Frontiers in Physiology - Clinical and Translational Physiology.

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