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  • Welcome to Dong Ok Son (Donna), joining our lab as Research Associate. Donna comes from St. Michael’s hospital with a PhD in Applied Biochemistry (University of Tokio) and 10 years post-doctoral research experience. Excited to have you in the team!

  • Good-bye and Good-Luck to our extraordinary technician and master of all trades Stellar Boo. We wish Stellar much success in her new endeavors at Blue Rock Therapeutics! You will be dearly missed.

  • Good-bye and good luck for John Blaikley who left us by the end of December to continue his research with his own abandoned group in in Manchester – John, you have been an extraordinary enrichment of our team.

  • Welcome to Nina Noskovicova, who started a Post-Doc in the Hinz lab in November. Nina performed her PhD thesis in the group of Oliver Eickelberg (Munich, Germany) on projects related to TGF-beta signaling in lung fibrosis and fibroblast biology.

  • New publication: Protic, O., Islam, MS., Greco, S., Giannubilo, SR., Lamanna, P., Petraglia, F., Ciavattini, A., Castellucci, M., Hinz, B., Ciarmela, P. (2017): Activin A in Inflammation, Tissue Repair, and Fibrosis: Possible Role as Inflammatory and Fibrotic Mediator of Uterine Fibroid Development and Growth. Seminars of Reproductive Medicine.

  • New publication:  Rashedi, I., Talele, N., Wang, X.-H., Hinz, B., Radisic, M., and Keating, A. (2017): Collagen scaffold enhances the regenerative properties of mesenchymal stromal cells. PLoS One.

  • New Publication: Niddam, A.F., Ebady, R., Bansal, A., Koehler, A., Hinz, B. and Moriarty, T.J. (2017): Plasma fibronectin stabilizes Borrelia burgdorferi-endothelial interactions under vascular shear stress by a catch bond mechanism. PNAS.

  • New Publication:  Coelho, N.M., Arora, P.D., van Putten, S.M., Boo, S., Petrovic, P., Hinz, B., and McCulloch, C.A. (2017): Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 Mediates Myosin Dependent Collagen Contraction. Cell Reports.

  • The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Seminar on Tissue Repair and Regeneration is around the corner: June 3-9, 2017. Please check the program here.

  • Also upcoming is the Toronto Fibrosis Workshop, taking place June 22-23, 2017 in Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital, 610 University Ave., Room 7-605. Register here by May 31, 2017.

  • The 23rd Canadian Connective Tissue Society Conference will take place in Montreal, at the McGill New Residence Hall (NRH) from May 18-20, 2017. Abstract deadline: March 31 2017. Register here; submit abstract here.

  • The 4th Annual Skin Research Group Symposium will take place in Montreal, at the McGill New Residence Hall (NRH) from May 17-18, 2017. Abstract deadline: March 31 2017. Register here.


  • Welcome to Leonie Fecht and Nina Jetter! Both are here on an exchange program from the University of Reutlingen, Germany for 6 months of sheer joy and bliss – and to write a Bachelor thesis.

  • Congratulations to Boaz Wong and Akosua Vilaysane for being awarded with prestigious CIHR Undergraduate Research fellowships. Akosua achieved an impressive Rank 2 out of 80 applicants (2.5%). Job well done - we are looking forward to having you both in the lab for the Summer!

  • Farewell to Yousef Shafieyan who left by January 31 after 2.5 years of working with a lot of heart (cells) and rubber. His work will soon be submitted as two manuscripts. Yousef will be starting his own company.

  • Farewell to Tobias Kühl who left us by the end of February. Tobias will start a post-doc with Dr. David Lagares in the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston after a brief stint back in his PhD lab in Freiburg. It was a privilege having you both in the lab. Best of luck with your future career!

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