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What's new in the Hinzlab?

Old News

Keep up with what's happening in the lab! Here we highlight any significant events that have been going on from conferences, to publications, to new staff!


  • Here are some exciting news from the beginning of the years: After being offline, the Hinz Lab web presence is restored. This is it - enjoy!

  • If you want to catch up what happened over the past months, why don't you check out 2023.

  • Hold the date: On October 18 and 19, 2024, we will finally heal fibrosis ;). More to come soon on this channel and by clicking: here.

  • New Publication: Younesi, F.S.* Miller, A., Barker, T.H., Rossi, FMV, and Hinz, B. (2024): Myofibroblasts in Normal Tissue Repair and Fibrosis. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (e-pub ahead of print) [PDF​]

  • New Publication: Cho, S., Dadson, K., Sung, H.K., Ayansola, O., Mirzaesmaeili, A., Noskovicova, N.*, Zhao, Y., Cheung, K., Radisic, M., Hinz, B., Sater, A.A., Hsu, H.H., Lopaschuk, G.G., Sweeney, G. (2023): Cardioprotection by the adiponectin receptor agonist ALY688 in a preclinical mouse model of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy (e-pub ahead of print) [PDF]

  • New Publication:Wang, Y. Cortes, E., Huang, R., Wan, J., Hinz, B., Damoiseaux, R., and Pushkarsky, I. (2023): FLECS Technology for High-Throughput Screening of Hypercontractile Cellular Phenotypes in Fibrosis: A Function-First Approach to Anti-Fibrotic Drug Discovery. SLAS Discovery (in press) [PDF]

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